Things I learned trying to find my go to jungler

Hello, this is a little something for people feeling hopeless in the jungle role and what I have more or less learned while playing my games. I am not stating this is the best, or that I am challenger, but being in silver it's difficult to feel like you have control of the game flow. This is what I noticed and what I did: 1. When I switched for junglers that _**can**_ gank at level 2 (doesn't mean its their strongest point... just that they have a good level 2), as opposed to level 3 or 6, my team benefited more. Obviously related to pressure, but I also noticed my team responded to me better because I assisted them early rather than them having to suffer til I hit 6. 2. Junglers need to be relevant ALL game. If you are only good early, or only good late... you have a period where you are not in control. When you put all your faith on your team, you have to live with it if they don't end up carrying. That doesn't mean its a bad thing to rely on them, but any lead you give to an ally means that the ally now is in charge of carrying. Be the carry yourself, you will thank yourself later. I was really getting into early gankers like Xin Zhao but I noticed the moment mid game came around I either exploded in fights or couldn't find openings to contribute. If my team wasnt carrying themselves with the lead I gave.... then that was game. 3. Pick junglers that can do it themselves. As much as you might expect someone to do something when you think its obvious... to some people its not or they just don't want to. This usually leads to unnecessary deaths because you can and they watch you die, or you try and drag and end up giving it up because they want to farm. Pick junglers that when everyone on the map is busy (enemies included) you can just go get the objective on your own. Nothing sucks more than a first spawn fire drake, you win a team fight as Amumu and only the enemy jungler is alive.... and your full hp team walks away from it when you start it. You know you can still solo it but all it takes is Kayn, Zac, or Yi to fly in and you and the drag are lost. 4. Pay attention to the map. Seriously, you might actually have THE most time to look at it compared to all other players in lane. It is not your job, but you would be amazed at how many deaths you prevent by pinging or typing where enemies are moving. Even if you dont see them, but you know people have been missing for a bit and your lane is pushed up? Ping! "Hey Ahri is going top". Sometimes they still dont listen, but if you do it enough and they see you are right most of the time they will start listening. 5. The enemy jungler IS your laner, even if neither of you are in a lane. Pay attention to where they are going and what they are doing. Habits are how you counter jungle, counter gank, or avoid counter ganks but its amazing how much my enemy jungler never pays attention to what I am doing. Took my blue early? Thats ok, I knew you were and I took yours. Better yet I also know you like to suicide dive, so you will probably greed for my blue a second time and I will be waiting. 6. Lastly, and I have said this before in other threads, you cant be everywhere... so someone on your team has to pull weight. Look at CS, look at kills versus deaths, keep in mind snowball and carry potential. It doesn't always happen, but when it does.... cut the dead weight. That 5/0 50 cs lead Tryn will win you the game... not the 10 deaths combined bot lane. They will rage at you, a lot.... but I promise you go to the bot lane to gank you will die and they will either die too or just your corpse burn. Don't do it, stay on the side of the map thats winning and get objectives. If you are lucky and its mid then help them out, and get them to roam with you for 4 man ganks. Hope this helps out some, as I read a lot of people really struggle to jungle. This is just my way of maybe keeping other people from having to learn the hard way like I did lol
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