@Riot, could you stop giving us 3 Air Dragons in a row?

Whenever an Air Dragon spawns, the general mentality seems to be "Gee, that sucks. Hope the enemy team clears it quickly so we can get a useful dragon next." This mentality seems to be mirrored by the other team, which results in the Dragon sticking around uncontested for a long time (20 minutes in my last game). But you know what makes it worse? When one team finally caves and decides to clear the stupid thing, only to have another Air Dragon set to take its place. You know what makes *that* worse? You guessed it, going through the whole process of waiting, one team giving in and clearing it, and a *third* Air Dragon being set to spawn. It's at this point that the only dragon that can come next is the Elder Dragon, because everything has taken so long. Guess what? Even teams without a Dragon to their name at this point value the Elder Dragon, not as a denial, *but as something actually decent to spawn in that pit!* Had a game where the Jungler was AFK at about the 20 minute mark, but thankfully we didn't need to care about securing Dragons because they were all Air Dragons. If that's intentional, then great, but if not, can Air Dragon please be made into something useful?
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