"Lee Sin, Yasuo, Zed, Riven, etc. are fun, that's why they are popular"

I find {{champion:101}}, {{champion:9}}, {{champion:48}}, and {{champion:30}}, to be extremely fun. Why nobody picks them, then? Being fun is a subjective concept, so it is not a good factor to determine the reason why certain champions are popular. I find {{champion:157}} to be extremely boring, for example, even though many find him to be fun. Also, technically winning is fun, and people want to win. People have the mentality that mobile champions have a better chance to win,, so people use them. Also, I am sure that if you ask to many people, they will say "{{champion:45}} is boring" due to many reasons which may include lack of mobility, you have to focus on farming during the early game, and others. Yet, he is now one of the most popular champions. Note: This thread is not meant to determine whether certain champions are OP or not.
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