These champion/player interactions make tank tahm kench depressing.

Heres a secret, darius e pull makes it so tahm cant e for atleast a whole second, more than long enough for you to hit R while he cant shield himself...its practically a silence....Works even if tahm is literally ontop of you, its a very good way of getting everyone to flame the tahm and tell him hes bad because he couldnt E. Adcs have no idea that your ult allows them to get inside of you even while your w is on cooldown and often they will simply die to the tower shot + pyke ult even though you didnt consent to them tower diving with your w on cooldown in the first place. Most adcs dont know that your q is a waste of mana (and health because its a self root, they are going to hit you) pre level 4 as the slow isnt even strong enough to make up for the self root and the damage tends to be only 10 more than the mana cost, they will run it down trying to fight the enemy ap support and enemy adc and expect you to be able to be able to help without suiciding into the enemy minion wave. Your skillshot q slow is detrimental for you to use against champions that have any form of mobility, you are better off walking towards/away from them rather than rooting yourself to use a slow that still expires while they are dashing. You can build full tank and still be bursted fast enough to die before you are even able to use e, this lead to me not even bother trying to build full tank / support items on tahm anymore and instead play a mobile troll build with phaserush. People will flame you telling you to "ULT" even though its on cooldown because your ult always tells them it isn't on cooldown. Tldr: You auto lose against a darius when you both are low health despite your e, his e is basically a silence, mute all and dont trust anyone.
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