I'm always reminded of how much i hate these champions.

Whenever i take a break, like 2 weeks to a Month and don't play league of legends. I'm reminded when i come back of these champions. 1. Yasuo 2. Sylas 3. Akali. Hyper Mobile, Tankier in lane than they should be, harder to hit than the broad side of a barn if i were a storm trooper. Every. Single. Time. I'm reminded of how much i hate them, why does yasuo have a passive shield? Why does he have straight up the strongest non-ultimate ability in the game? Why? Who decided that was a good idea? Why has no one changed it? Why does akali have a slow on her Q? Why? She doesn't need it but it's there, why does sylas have a magic shield when his base tank stats are plenty good enough? Why? Why do all of these champions have such high HP Scaling, High Base Tank Stats while also being hard to hit? Why? I don't get it and i'm constantly reminded of why i hate them all so much.
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