Can Vel'Koz get a buff already??

His mana costs are somewhat low but all skillshots. Every other mage in the game gets to delete like half your health (minimum) with one rotation, yet Vel's pasive requires 3 passive procs, heavily dependent on a knockup that's laughably easy to dodge as it is, and it isn't exactly anything impressive nor does it scale very well late game, likely because of how weak his ult is (they'd have to literally sit in it for near the entire duration, as YOU'RE sitting still, slowly gaining passive procs. Realistically, you're getting 1, maybe 2 people in it each fight. His laning phase is weak and his late game doesn't really make up for it. Please buff so he can keep up with other mages. It's damning that a champion that actually requires a respectable degree of skill to play can be easily outdamaged by any other character atm.
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