Is League even fun anymore? The current Meta and general state of the game is downright awful

I've played since season 1. I've been through release Xin Zhao, Leblanc, AP Master Yi, the vision rework, The second Eve rework, League of Black Cleavers, the juggernaut update, One-shot Galio and so much more and I honestly don't think I have ever seen the game in such a bad state as it currently is. Can anyone honestly say that the current meta and state of the game is good and enjoyable to play? Turrets do nothing and die instantly, infact two deaths on lane will now also result in a dead turret maybe even two, Baron is a joke and gets melted, Herald is easier to kill than dragon, The overall damage output from all characters is way to damn high, and the roles... dear god the roles... Toplane: Just cheese your way to victory and generally do nothing until the 20 minute mark at which point you will either push through top cause the enemy laner ran down mid/bot, or you will run down mid/bot yourself. Midlane: Only characters with massive burst or high mobility allowed, preferably both. If you have neither then what the fuck are you even doing, get out. Jungle: Unless you can out-duel the damage output of an assassin (AKA, characters that will now one-shot you at level 4) you might as well go afk cause you will lose every single scuttle which will snowball into the enemy jungler dominating the map and your team will flame you into oblivion. ~~ADC~~ Botlane 1: Pick Vlad. If he is banned then just pick a bruiser with CC and combo that with either another bruiser with CC or a mage who does not need items to scale such as Brand or Zyra. Botlane 2/"Support": Pick Brand or Zyra. Actual support: You have the choice of Soraka, Nami or Sona since they can midigate the oppressive damage coming out from whatever bruiser you are guaranteed to face. Riot is strangling the life out of the game in favor of the LCS. League will be dead within two years if they continue on this path. The fact that they are now actually releasing trailers for the game again is proof that their numbers are going into the fucking toilet. PS: While I am at it. Here are some fun blunders that I will add to shit on Riot some more: We released a clearly unfinished rework that no one liked into the game cause we don't really care. Everyone who played him on the PBE told us not to do it... but that has never stopped us before. The PBE means nothing. We want Galio to feel more like old Galio, so we made him into a burst mage... who can also tank. Thats what you wanted right? We don't like how Nidalee can chunk people with her spears so we are moving her damage around some more, anyway here is a charater who chunks people and also has one of the strongest CC's in the game. We are releasing a bunch of new items for ADC's to bring them back into the spotlight. Now excuse us as we nerf every other aspect of ADCs turning them into the laughing stock of the entire game. We are making two new items for brui-... uhh... actually you know what nevermind... We reworked LB cause her old kit was extreamly oppressive and toxic to play against only to then revert her to the exact same state. We quite litterary gave a character 3 separate passives for no real reason. We killed the lore and forgot to add a new one. Don't worry though, we will create small short stories along the way, none of which will meld together. Venting feels good. EDIT: This post gained a lot of attention, I am enjoying the discussion and different opinions from so many different people. At this point it's getting hard keeping up with the discussion though so I am gonna be a complete shill and do this Tomorrow at 5.00 GMT -3 I'll "debate" anyone who thinks I am wrong, and who knows, maybe someone will prove me wrong, though I'm sad to say, I doubt that. EDIT 2: Here is that stream in which I adress a bunch of people who have been posting on this post. I will do another stream tomorrow 10/07/2018 where I continue going over some things and read any additional replies I get on this post.
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