@Riot Please Nerf+Buff Alpha Strike

Hello Riot, We the Master Yi mains have a humble request: Revert the balance changes made to Yi during the recent funneling meta. That strategy is dead as far as we are aware, and that change is no longer necessary. You can raise the mana cost as much as you want (since Master Yi received Meditate buffs in a later patch and we don't want him to be overpowered) but we want our bonus damage to minions back. The lost minion damage hurts because: * It made him a worse splitpusher because he can't push as fast (particularly with health-shredding on-hit builds). * It made him a worse jungler because he can't shove waves as quickly. * It made him a worse laner (yes, some people play lane Yi) because he lost wave control, as well as the ability to oneshot the caster minions with 3 points in Q. Sidenote: Lowering mana costs makes Master Yi a less skillful champion because you don't have to think about budgeting your mana. Thank you for reading, we hope you consider this change.
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