Oracle Lens should not break stealth (please read before downvoting).

As an Evelynn main, I like to take oracle lens because unlike most Evelynn players, I actually like to take dragons and other neutral objectives. Having oracle lens helps me sweep the pit to ensure that I'm not being seen by the enemy as I take these objectives. However, it's very annoying that Oracle Lens breaks stealth. But before you downvote, please listen. It doesn't prevent stealth, it just breaks it. So like, if I activate Oracle Lens, it'll break me out of stealth. But then, while the lens is STILL SWEEPING, Evelynn will re-enter stealth, and the sweep is still happening. This seems rather stupid. If it's going to break stealth, then why am I able to re-enter stealth while the lens is still sweeping? I'm sorry but that just seems stupid. Either it should break stealth, AND PREVENT stealth for the full duration of the sweep, or else it shouldn't break stealth at all. Take twitch for example. if he activates his stealth and then starts up oracle lens, it'll immediately cancel his stealth. Feels bad. But if he starts the oracle lens first, and THEN activates stealth, he will enjoy a full duration of stealth with a full duration oracle lens sweep, simultaneously. That just seems almost like a bug, as far as I'm concerned. Now in the off chance that this isn't a bug and, for some odd reason, Riot actually thought that being able to start a sweep while already stealthed would be somehow too OP, then hear me out. I want to suggest a rework of this. Pink wards are the only issue here, if we are worried about Evelynn using oracle lens to sneak past pink wards. So rather than fully break her stealth (which reveals her to EVERYTHING), let's rework the way oracle lens interacts with pink wards, eh? So here's the rework: 1) Oracle Lens no longer breaks stealth. 2) REMOVED: Oracle Lens instantly de-activates nearby pink wards. 3) NEW: Oracle Lens de-activates nearby pink wards after a 1 second delay. This seems like a fair compromise. Evelynn should not be fully revealed just because she turns on Oracle Lens. But to ensure that she can't sneak past every pink ward using Oracle Lens, there is now a 1 second delay before pink wards are deactivated. This gives the enemy team some time to spot her as she passes by the pink ward. Regular wards will still be deactivated instantly, same as before, but those wards weren't able to see her anyway so it wouldn't have mattered. And if 1 second doesn't seem like enough time, then make it two. I don't care honestly. I just don't like that it currently breaks her stealth completely, allowing her to be seen not just by pink wards, but by everything, including regular wards that shouldn't have been able to see her in the first place.
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