Best Bans by Tier in Each Region (Patch 6.12): A Statistical Analysis - Irelia Edition

*** The way people choose bans is based heavily in frustration, popular opinion, and potential power. But these often lead to inaccurate choices to maximize the chances of winning. So Jonnyy9, warwickofwallst, and I decided to make ** to calculate a ban list for each tier solely based on winrate, pickrate, and banrate which is partially added to pickrate.** **Nothing else.** "As a rule of thumb, optimal ban strategy i.e. the strategy that maximizes your probability of winning is to ban champions that are both high win rate and high play rate. In reality, ban rate is not only a function of win rate and play rate, but also of perception of power, transparency of power, frustration, and risk-aversion. A few months ago when LeBlanc held the title of most banned, she was a suboptimal ban outside of Master/Challenger. Janna, statistically one of the best bans in the game, was banned in less than 1% of games." [~Riot Jules]( *** The pictures are data from North America, Ranked. Data for any region may be found at the Best Bans website, and adjusted at the top right corner. ####These are what should be banned, not what are being banned. ####This list is primarily about consistency, not power. Strong champions can be inconsistent. ####Banrate is taken into account; Pickrates adjust for banrates. ####Look at your team's pre-picks when banning; some compositions handle particular champions better. [Bronze]( [Silver]( [Gold]( [Platinum]( [Diamond]( Full table of champions on These pictures are only for NA. Data for most regions found on the site. *** #Observations **Irelia** sure benefited pretty hard from those Triforce changes! They're an extremely consistent pick in every rank, except for bronze (ironically). Interestingly, if you look at Irelia's winrate in each tier, it goes up fairly linearly with rank. Irelia's ultimate has a higher cooldown on the PBE to help cool down this trend. **Swain** is another overtuned champion who has surprisingly stopped appearing in the top four of Platinum and Diamond. It seems the earlier nerf touch to Swain made it more manageable at higher ranks. Despite this, they remain dominant in the other three tiers, and a nerf is incoming to increase the cooldown of Ravenous Flock from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. Ouch. **Vladimir** surprisingly doesn't appear in a single spot anywhere! Their banrate has risen to a very hefty 50%, despite [their winrate barely fluctuating]( and their [Influence actually going *down*](! It's a very interesting situation. I don't keep up with pro play, but was this rapid shift marked by a game in the scene? **Ashe** is quite the surprise! In mid to high tier, Ashe has suddenly arrived. It's tough to tell how much is due to the buff to items, since[ the change seems gradual instead of sudden with the buff to crit-based itemization]( Though there are currently no Ashe nerfs, we can probably expect some in Patch 6.13 **Miss Fortune** is the lower elo counterpart to Ashe, being the dominating ADC of Bronze and Silver. They are still benefiting from a lot of the same synergy Lucian had earlier with items like Cleaver and Duskblade. Their winrate seems fairly reasonable however so a direct nerf is unlikely. **[Volibear.](** **[Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank.](** **Zed** has found their winrate to in the absolute gutter, with an absolutely ridiculous 44% winrate in Bronze and a 45.66% winrate in Diamond. Their consistency has been absolutely dumpstered on, despite retaining similar strength to before. **Darius and Illaoii** have been receiving more bans, but their winrates barely fluctuate around 50% in both high and low tiers. This is probably a ban tailored more out of frustration than anything, since a Darius or Illaoi who gets ahead is going to dunk on the team. *** **The list is what should be banned, not what is being banned.** Because the list is based on averages, **the list is most useful when you know very little about either team or know little about compositions.** Influence is defined as: How many times you will lose to a champion per 10,000 games compared to the average. As with any bans, **you only get the true benefit by making sure your team isn't intending to play the banned champion.** Otherwise, you are denying the enemy team AND your team the chance of playing a consistent power. **The list does not show what is good, strong, or overpowered. It is an evaluation of which champions are the most consistent.** To be consistent is different from being strong or good. It means a champion has both a good winrate and a good pickrate so that, on average, you will lose to the champion more often than you win against them. Many champions are considered strong because their potential power is very high (Azir) but if people can't tap into that strength, then even a strong champ is inconsistent. Similarly, even champions considered manageable or decent (Blitzcrank) can have extreme consistency that makes them worthwhile to ban. *** #Why use these suggestions? It bears repeating that the list isn't intended to replace specific banning, but is rather intended for use in an information vacuum. **You should largely follow the list when you have little understanding of compositions or don't know what champions either team is running**, a fairly common occurrence. *** ####Legitimate reasons for circumventing these suggested bans: * The enemy can pick a champion that counters a composition your team has planned * You know for sure yourself or your team is playing a champion that counters a suggested ban Zed isn't so scary when you know Malzahar is on your team * There's a high chance the enemy team has a champion specialist who will be much weaker if their primary champion is banned *** ####Reasons to circumvent bans that are not legitimate: * **Because a champion is "overpowered."** Bans should not be based on a champion's strength, but on their win consistency. Even if Tahm Kench could theoretically win 100% of the time with perfect play, that situation is so rare that it doesn't change that Kench wins only 46% of the time on average. Winrate reflects consistency, not strength. * **Because your teammates will be annoyed.** Let’s assume that your teammates get ticked off every time Tahm Kench is picked by the enemies. Even with this “buff” caused by annoyed teammates, Kench still only wins 46% of the time. Let your teammates be annoyed; avoiding the ban is still likely the most statistically advantageous chance of success. Reconsider only if it not banning a champion is very likely to put a teammate on extreme tilt. * **Because a champion is annoying to fight.** As annoying as certain champions are, if you're trying to maximize your winrate then it's still not a smart idea to ban them simply for being obnoxious. Most obnoxious champions have crippling weaknesses that cause their winrates and/or pickrates to be fairly low. Only if the frustration a champion causes is significant enough to impact your winrate should it even be a consideration. * **Because you want to ban champions from your own team.** If your teammate pre-picks a champion, you can always look up your own teammates and see if their history on the champion defies the average. If your teammate doesn't pre-pick, then you deny the enemy team the same chance of picking the banned champion which will work in your favor regardless. ...also, the champions you think you should be banning from your own team Yasuo, Vayne, Zed, new champions aren't the right choices anyway. *** #Methodology All information is compiled over a four day average from In specific regions, Lolking provides more accurate pickrate data per tier, and data is used from Lolking in those instances. The data is calculated every day around midnight GMT-7. Influence is defined as: How many times you will lose to a champion per 10,000 games compared to the average. The Influence calculation is done as follows: 10,000 x (WR - 50%) x (PR / (100% - BR) *** Thanks for reading! I hope you will find this useful.
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