Morgana Ult Change is DISRESPECT

August Browning on Twitter
Current Morgana changelist in testing. -She's much better mid and late game at keeping people in the R. -W is better at killing things at low health while being worse vs. high health (damage breakpoints for CS'ing in mid remain similar) On fence about W, will get PBE feedback
This is the Ultimate change from Riot August. For Morgana, it is difficult enough to stand close to enemies because you are building as a squishy with ardent censer like items. Soul Shackles allow Morgana to move faster to enemies. At RANK 1, we get how much? 5%.............. I have used Approach Velocity, and I'm sure it is much faster than the R of 5% at rank 1. It will eventually increase to 55%, at lvl 16, but how is this even useful when you will get bursted instantly? BASICALLY, Soul Shackles received nothing from the supposed "rework". A danm shame to Morgana mains.
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