Thank you, Riot. You have redeemed yourselves.

I hate a lot on you guys (as is natural for an Aatrox player). I also know that Riot fears these boards for their continuous negativity towards them. What everyone on here really wants though, apart from Riven and Vayne nerfs, is Rioters responding to popular issues and posts. When they do, they are almost certainly upvoted and congratulated. Having said that, the reason Riot has personally redeemed themselves is patch 9.9. I main Aatrox and have played 122 ranked games of Blitzcrank toplane (Faceless btw). So obviously I was hyped for the changes, which in my disappointment turned out to be major nerfs to both Aatrox and Blitzcrank (his ult dealt 100 less damage at all ranks pre-hotfix). However, I was positively surprised with how quickly they shipped a hotfix containing the exact changes needed to make Aatrox a playable champion. Now, it may be due to Hashinshin complaining about Aatrox for two days straight that Riot acted so hastily, but nonetheless they did. Good job, Rito. Now can we just make Aatrox ultimate less useless, because currently its most consistent use is running away, and it's supposed to be the opposite.
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