Buff tryndamere

Please buff tryndamere. Everyone kicks his ass in lane, even shen got buffed to the point that he's a lane bully vs tryndamere. Here are the stats for tryndamere Type Average Role Placement Placement Change this patch Win Rate 48.18% 35 / 49 NaN Play Rate 1.96% 19 / 49 NaN Ban Rate 0.54% 17 / 49 NaN He's the 35/49th worse top laner currently, has a low play rate meaning that mostly people who have played a LOT of tryndamere are the ones playing him along with tryndamere mains, and he's still at 48% winrate. Type Average Role Placement Placement Change this patch Win Rate 52.39% 2 / 18 NaN Play Rate 1.84% 15 / 18 NaN Ban Rate 0.18% 13 / 18 NaN Twitch sits at near the same play rate with a staggering 52.4% winrate, is twitch overpowered? No, he just has good twitch players actively playing him. Tryndamere is doing so poorly right now even active tryndamere players aren't winning much with him and tryndamere mains are struggling with him. You may say people like fogged are dominating with him, but cmon man the guy has over 5000 games on tryndamere, he should dominate with the champion at that point. He's just that good, the champ is still weak but the player is amazing.

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