So....what's happening with Aatrox?

I get it, he's fun now. However, that's no excuse for him being so naturally tanky and being an absolute monster in terms of damage. He hits you once and it's like you got hit with a freight train running at 260km/h. At first I thought he was semi-balanced, but that was only when playing him. On the flip side it just feels like the champ is too good all round and overperforms not just in his niche, but the entirety of the juggernaut archetype. Grevious Wounds seem to do nothing to him since he heals for at least 400 from passive at one item THROUGH Grevious Wounds, and to top it all off that passive just hurts hella hard. Then you have his base stats which are actually pretty solid right now compared to Aatrox 3.0. He just feels beefy even when he's not healing, as if my damage doesn't really seem to hurt him what-so-ever. Seriously, I've played Rengar, Fiora, Camille, Yorick, Darius, Olaf, Kennen, Akali, Kat, Voli, Udyr, Irelia and Gragas into him, and yet I just don't seem to hurt him. Even if I do all it takes is for him to get level 6 and Black Cleaver, and oh, what's this? He's back to being uncanny levels of beefy. I wouldn't be complaining.....except for the fact that even Silver Aatrox players are beating players much higher than they are, simply due to the champion. If that doesn't imply that the champ is broken right now I don't know what does. With all that said, he's close to being balanced, just tone down his base stats, tone down his passive's damage+healing, slightly reduce Q's AD scaling and slightly reduce the % healing amp on his ult.
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