@Riot: Why won't you make ARAM truly "All Random" instead of restricting it to what Champs you own?

It just seems so unnecessary, and that goes triple for those of us that are early game players who are powerless slaves to your RNG level-up "Rewards" that can give you as little as 90 BE and not even 200 Orange-Essence for a useless {{champion:22}} champ-shard and skin from one of your "Special" capsules at level 10. It's not fun seeing the exact same things every single game, you have 130 Champions and yet at the most you'll get 10% of that making an appearance in this mode depending on what's on your free-week rotation. Just let us have every champ available in ARAM, what possible harm could there be in making the mode truly random? You don't get Champ mastery unless you own them, so you don't get Chest rewards, so you can't farm anything just by spamming ARAM, so wtf? Why do you **_REFUSE_** to do anything about this mode to make it more fun for everyone involved? Why are only your late-game players the ones who truly get a random experience?
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