I'm so glad Riot keeps releasing/reworking more bloated and complex kits

I'd hate if the game permanently stagnated on {{champion:86}} hiding in bushes and every other champion just slapping one another with numbers. Because the thing is, numbers and strategy matter to the new designs as well(just go watch some master tier streams and listen to them talk), but so do skill and reflexes. Giving us a beautifully strategic, tactical game where you can outplay one another through effort and superior planning. I'm sure lazy players will forever bitch on the boards that they want to return to wet-noodle tank slapping fests where victory is completely decided by how much of x stat you stacked. But the rest of us want an interactive game. And are glad Riot is giving us fun new toys to play with. And if some of those toys come broken? Guess what, they will be fixed with time. While some of the intrinsic flaws of the old toys can never be properly resolved without rebuilding them from scratch.
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