Bring back TEAM BUILDER, please!

**Team Builder** was the best option for people wanting to play a specific champion in a specific role and it's a shame that it's gone because no other mode can provide this. **Blind pick** is filled with people who instalock and unreliable. **Draft pick **can get you one of the two roles you'd like but because of bans, you may not play the champion you want or you just might have to play the secondary role you've picked. **Team Builder** had the option to select the champion you wanted and the role you wanted and although the queues could get a bit ridiculous, it was often worth waiting than taking your chances in other modes and not knowing the probability of you getting the champion and lane you desired. In all honesty, I've always saved Team Builder for busier hours of the day so that queues wouldn't be ridiculous so, I never had that as much of an issue. It also provided players with the ability to learn from a role by matching them with people who were new, used or very accostumed to the role. Though I'm not so sure about this as I've had some games where my lane opponent felt like they didn't know what they were doing or didn't know how to play the champion even if I was Mastery 4/5; perhaps the match-making had some issues there. It's more frustrating to... **1)** queue up and have your role or champion instalocked **2)** have people ban your champion or people dodging queue because they wanted to play the champion you've picked in draft mode (which has happened three times in a row to me today) ...than to wait a few minutes in a queue that is 100% going to let you play whatever you wanted. I'm surprised Team Builder has been removed but Dominion is still around which seems like the underdog of maps people can play. I'm not saying it should be removed but if you have the ability to keep this map around even if it's not as popular as ARAM or Twisted Treeline, it certainly wouldn't have hurt you to have kept Team Builder. Well, I am probably howling at the moon here but I am still a bit upset. Between ARAM with friends and playing ranked recently, Team Builder was the mode I played the most. Not blind pick, not draft --- **Team Builder**; it was easy to use, it got me the role and champion I wanted, the queues were never that long for me and it was just the safest way of me playing a champion, getting the Mastery level, getting used to the champion and (if working correctly) being matched up with people with the same skill. That's all. Sorry for any grammar mistakes. Best of luck with your games and may you have a wonderful weekend :) ** _If posted in the wrong section, please notify me._
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