Thoughts on Season 10 Map Changes

As a person who has first played since s4 I think it's safe to say that the map changes such as alcoves and the effects of the elemental drakes are cool. What I heavily dislike is the fact that the color intensity heavily changes the map for ocean, infernal, mountain and cloud drake. I understand that riot games is working on the intensity of the tint colors for infernal and ocean ground and fog of war by reducing it by 35%. And while I'm slightly happier, I believe that the color intensity and tint should either be permanently removed or have an option to enable the normal summoners rift like the start of the game before a team gets 2 drakes. I'm pleased with the changes but the color intensity transforms the summoners rift into a hideous distorted version that doesn't feel like the aspect of the game we love anymore. My idea would be to give players an option to go back to the normal summoners rift when the elemental drakes change the map or simply remove the tint color intensity coming from the drake to the (100% normal summoners rift COLOR Intensity) while keeping the effects of the elemental drakes on the map.
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