Why I No Longer Support

I have a very very old Icon, from years ago, for playing pretty much only support. I mained basically every support champion that had been released back to the original 40. I can't even attempt to support without almost raging at this point. Here's why: - If focused by the mandatory 2 assassins, my ADC disappears instantly. I don't Smartcast, so the 0.21 seconds my ADC survives isn't enough time to react. As MANY have commented, they don't last long enough even if you DO smartcast. - If I want to hope to salvage that, I need to play one of the mage "supports." All of which are actually mid lane champions, and only perform as support because they can kill bottom laners. - Everything about the actual supports has been nerfed or reworked like Soraka. People **HATE** a good support, so instead of changing their builds depending on which support they were against, they bitched to RIOT until the entire class was beat in the face. Shielding was nerfed, their damage was nerfed, their healing was nerfed. Movespeed lowered, and toughness destroyed.
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