Possible ways to Fix Zed

Hey guys, Zed is really in the gutters right now sitting at a[ 45% winrat](https://champion.gg/champion/Zed/Middle?league=)e t'll 25-30 mins and could really use a buff especially in high elo Ideas for Zed buffs **Make him better at poking or better at all-in. If we can't have that then make him a lategame scaling assassin** **keep in mind you don't have to do all of these buffs only some, i've organized these ideas in sections for the different paths you can take to fix zed** ** All-In Buffs: - E shreds 10% total pen per hit caps 30 or 25% - deathmark applies armor debuff on target 10/20/30 Poke Buffs: - W cd lowered to 18 sec - Q buff - Q does +50% more damage to minions or Q does full 80% damage passthough on champions but 50% on minions Lategame Buffs: - passive reworked to utility passive like gain movespeed while unseen based on %of bonus AD with buffs to his E and Q to make up for the lost dmg - Reaping passive stacks with a cap. 7 AD per kill caps at 70, targets who are higher level reap more, 1lvl difference = 14 ad reap. 2 lvl diff = 21 - snapback delay lowered with each point ( 0.5 at 6 / 0.25 at 11/ 0 at 16 ) - getting a kill with R lowers his cooldowns by 15sec Interesting buffs: - When zed swaps with a shadow he gains additional auto attack range and damage on hit - W Shadow's E now counts towards W reset - When zed ults a target he lands in the direction of his mouse, not behind his enemies - E marks a champion, Q procs on champ to deal bonus damage and reduce w cd Problem with Zed is his All-In is too weak to warrant how shitty his poke is. Riot once nerfed Zed because they said his poek and all-in were too strong which created a catch 22 where its either lose lane by getting poked out of lane or stay long enough for zed to just kill you. Currently we have the exactly opposite where we can't poke enemies out of lane and we can't all in either so we just get fucked! Even faker says all zed can do in lane is just push waves!!!
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