Counterplay to a champion should not be "destroy them before X minutes"

this has to be the most retarded bullshit i ever heard {{champion:29}} has no counterplay period, you have xayah gimicked around feathers, cait around traps and headshot that puts a lot of power budget around bushes, draven around axes, jhin around 4th shot that leaves him weak for 2.6 seconds twitch is not limited in any way, and his ability to deal an assassin lvl of damage per second in AOE from stealth from 830 range is absolutly cancerous and overpowered as he gets to have 53.5% win rate right now "but muh, his early game he's weak until he has 2 items" and? want to know which game tried to balance hard carries like that? indeed dota 2 counterplay to faceless void stunning your entire team for 5 seconds and killing them all? don't get to late game lul, which wasn't a good way to balance the champion and he got reworked this late game thing doesn't work, those champions will always either be garbage because games duration is low, or absolutly overpowered as they have no counterplay in late game now i don't know if twitch needs a rework, but right now his no counterplay gameplay should not be allowed
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