A new champion that's tankier than all champions but has low damage and CC.

Imagine a champion as tanky as a 600 armor Malphite vs a 2 item ADC with the CC of Garen or Mundo(just 1 form of non hard CC) and the damage of full tank Alistar. Sounds like a useless champion, right? Tanky as shit but with no damage or CC, what's the point? This champion would be the literal definition of a wall in game. Can literally ignore you because you do no damage and doesn't need to deal damage in return but send a message that you don't bother me. It wouldn't be a champion which gains tons of armor and mr but just takes heavily reduced damage against physical and magic damage dealers. Even when behind they would be tanky as all hell. Might make a hell of a split pusher. Just imagine a full tank Alistar with his ult permanently on taking almost no damage but only hits you for 300 damage with his full combo late game. Sure, if you have 0 true damage then they would kill you after 3 minutes but they won't have close to enough damage to do such a thing. Now that I think about it, this concept could either be a new champion or the Dr. Mundo rework. Take little damage and ignore it and keep going on about your business. Thoughts on such an idea? I know this sounds like tank meta but the ideal way this champion would be is with little CC, little damage to the point they would need a full minute to potentially kill a squishy.
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