Ever since Garen has had the urf changes to his spin he has become an anti-fun champion. I am beyond tilted right now because of so many urf games against a Garen who can instantly spin on me and deal upwards of 2.5K dmg in 2 seconds. This is not fun. This is not outplayable. This is ruining the game. There are champions who can do a lot more damage in less time i know, nut those champions have flaws that allow that damage to be dodged, or it comes at a cost of squishyness. I understand the need for Garens need for a little buff in urf considering is kit, but the stacking spin damage is beyond broken. PLEASE can you do something about this Riot. I am begging you. There is only 1 person having fun in a 10 person game when a Garen walks around the map instant killing everyone, taking buffs, clearing jungles, taking objectives. Urf is a game type that has a HUGE fanbase and a lot of people look forward to when it comes out to spam their abilities in a ridiculous fashion, but when champions have complete control over a game it ruins the entire game mode. Please can you do something to fix this clear problem or respond to me as to why you think that this is alright to have in a game. Thank you.
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