Why Teemo's rework is delayed?Plz release it next patch it's simple!

I have been waiting for so long my champion to finally get some attention. I have always loved him no matter if people call him satan and those stupid names. Teemo has been inconsistant as a pick for a rediculously long time, because of riot's marketting(riot made teemo the mascot of league of legends in order to make money-result: community doesn't take him seriously and build a caracter around him that prevents him from any further improvement as a champion overall). Yes he works but he's only a poket pick. I would like people to see him as an efficient champion that can work in solo queau. I would like to see some respect to my champ and finally ret***ed kids in league take him seriously. I would like to see that small rework in pbe taking place in live servers and not a full vgu but it's true that in pbe it's quit a bit deficient and needs some trim but it's in a good direction of making him viable. The problem is his reworked e. The only problem that needs to be fixed in this ability(in general i like it, keep it) is the type of stealth. Teemo should be camouflaged out of brush while invisible in brush. Teemo's new e is much better as camouflaged that the old similar passive because he can move and that's huge cause now it works exactly like other stealth abilities: displacements do not break stealth like old passive out of brush causing him to become significantly more viable because he has more varience to play with around some situations where he would previously get rekted. If he's invisible in his new e that would make him far more difficult to balance result in a kit similar to the old(pre-rework) yorick where the kit is annoying and lacks counterplay. If u go this way u will have to nerf significantly his base stats as well as damaging abilities and u will end up reverting him into his previous state and full vgu him where is something i don't want. I want his playstyle similar to the current one and the same that has been since the beggining of lol and not something just more viable with some flexible mechanics and that rework in pbe is accomplicing that, however it's taking the wrong direction and it's just to much delayed. I can't w8 finally release it! E camoyflaged while in brush invisible. I would like to see also a much higher attack speed boost in late game and a shorter cd in late game in order to make him viable as an adc as well(like twitch) but with his own uniquenesses. For example make e have a normal cd and not get reduced twice as fast while in brush. In return give e a normal mana cost(not so low).
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