Why leauges is a game of chance not skill at low elo...

Because you can't carry 4 feeding teamates who are playing badly. Certainly you can't climb the ranks well if you depend on bad players every game. That's why it's important to have a good friend to duo with. You will never climb ranked if you don't have a good friend. My friend who is the World's best thresh hardly plays. After Riot nerfed Fiora with the rework I am no longer able to play well. I am no longer able to defend the nexus against 5 people no matter how ahead I am in the game. Some might argue that I am just a bad player. Actually**** I have the most gold of all my teamates every game I play. Doesn't that means I'm the best on my team? That I am the one who did the most work? Before this account I was the World's best Fiora famous for my level 1 pentakills. If you have to depend on the skill of your teamates at all... It is no longer a game of skill. That's what makes an E-sport and E-sport. Skill... Now I am afraid it is a game of chance. It's a crap shoot. It's like betting a million dollars on black with a 50% chance. It's like a slot machine where you pull the lever over and over and always get 4 bad teamates almost. That's how I feel. My opinion is not "spam" in spite how every post I do is attacked with down votes for my feelings about Riot nerfing my champ because how good I was. I would like the community to be more constructive about making the game better. Maybe there is a way we can fix this "E-sport" I always get attacked and reported if I try to each new players in game however. People don't like to learn new things from better players. It's like calling them 'stupid' How can I teach new players without losing my account? Things I want to teach newbies: 1. Don't push a guarded turret... I see that allot. Skip to a turret they aren't guarding. 2. Help your carry... Group with your strongest player and support them instead of stealing their buff and their kills. 3. Try to push lanes instead of drifting aimlessly and getting in team fights when you are lower level than them. 4. Never ever surrender in any game for any reason. How can you climb ranked if the team quits? That's not fair. 5. Don't talk smack to bad players... Instead help the weak ones instead of watching them die so you can talk about how bad they are more.
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