Gaining gold as a support feels horrible

Leave it to people trying to find loopholes from csing to ruin things. Why does attacking still take up a charge of Spellthief's even if it doesn't grant gold when your adc is backing? What if your adc tends to back too much because they get poked out? It's irritating, I can't get gold from cs because it blocks the passive preventing me from completing the quest, and I can't get gold when I alone am healthy and able to hold the lane. Even more, attacking itself still takes a Spellthief charge, but you gain nothing out of it?? But the other two enemies who are doing well picking down my adc to the point of backing, and they get gold for hitting the tower, and me of course, so supports are also forced to back or get shoved and dove in on with virtually nothing to do and horrible exp gain. Please revert the support item buffs. There has to be a different loophole to getting around whatever they were abusing top lane. But please don't punish all supports just to make laning simpler for the regular top lane.
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