Please make Iceborn Gauntlet Melee Only

The item is fine on tanks, just make it melee only so ranged champs that abuse it get punished without tanks getting the short end of the stick. Prime example is {{champion:81}}, yeah his win-rate isn't great and I don't thinks he is Overpowered at all...but the fact that an adc can take a tank item that gives him some extra armor, kiting potential with a ranged low cooldown slow, cdr and mana, ultimately makes him completely unfun to face against late game. Adjust his power so he doesn't completely suck and you can continue to release skins for him but please make {{item:3025}} melee only so you don't get perma slowed by him spamming 1 billion iceborne mystic shots and make facing Ezreal a bit less frustrating to fight.
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