Summoner's rift passive gold that everyone gets

Are you all fine with how much gold people get naturally? Or do you think it's a bit much? I'm a big advocate for skill and I feel like back in season 3, if you couldn't cs or get kills, you were very behind on gold and would be weak for most of the game. And this promoted skill because you either had to be good at laning, or farming. Nowadays, I feel like someone could play like shit all game but still be relevant. Some extreme examples of this are when a zed can go 0/12 but still kill or almost kill an adc 1v1. Or when a katarina who has 50 cs at 20 mins into the game in mid who is 0/4 can just come back quickly from a few kill steals. An udyr top who is 0/7 with 100 cs at 20 mins could still be a threat to the team as a split pusher annoyance. I also feel like the bounty system undermines good play as well. It basically punishes you for playing good. You can even get a bounty simply for farming really well which is stupid. I've had games where I had zero kills but had a 300 gold bounty cuz i was farming well which is stupid. Why do I get punished for playing good? I think gold should be earned through good play like farming, getting kills, getting objectives. Not given freely from bounty like that. And again back to original topic, i feel like the amount of gold everyone gets passively is too good. I'm not talking about people buying gold income items like support items or how it used to be where people had gold per time runes. I just be naturally everyone has so much gold passively. A support with zero cs and zero support item, can still have almost around the same gold as an adc at 10 mins. In the scenario where an adc farmed for 10 minutes and got about say 100 cs? They will only be above their support by about 2000 ish gold? Yes that is a large difference, but that equates to about 1 item difference. Considering that at 10 minutes an adc will have about 2 and a half items, the support could have a full item. Put into perspective, a zed mid could have as much cs as the support, maybe like 20 at 10 minutes because he had a bad lane, but has enough passive gold to buy youmuus or duskblade from the passive gold, which he got from just passage of time not from what he farmed or got kills from, and he could deal 50 percent or kill an adc 1v1 like that. I think it's stupid and the zed just be a joke to the adc in a 1v1 scenario because the adc has 100 farm at 10 minutes while zed has 20. Even if the adc has the slight advantage, they still have to be scared and respect the zed because if they mess up, zed can kill them easily. Back in season 3, if you were behind by 20 cs, you would die to your laner anytime you try to 1v1 them. That's how the game should be. Maybe not 20 cs difference is an automatic win, but i feel like if someone is farming well or getting kills, they should be rewarded more and someone who is doing bad should be weak and irrelevant and must play very safe and defensive. Nowadays, a 0/5 katarina can become a 12/5 kat at the end of the game even though you shut her down from the start of the game. A 0/12 zed and still fuck adcs up free if your support and team dont peel like crazy. but in low elo guess what? When you are fed as adc and zed comes after you, what do your team do? They are like "hah the adc got this, it's just an 0/12 zed". Then zed kills the adc. Meanwhile in the scenario where your adc is 0/8 and a 12/0 zed comes after your adc? Your teammates be like "hey we have to help the adc quick!" They cc the zed and zed dies, gives away bounty and your team wins game. It's kind of dumb.
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