Im looking for my items, on the bottom left but its not there sadly. Only delaying the time it takes for me to switch my key bindings for wards, pots, etc. The fucking info is small as fuuuuck it literally hurts my eyes to look for certain stats. I like that i dont have to press c to see my stats and that i can see others stats. Thats about it. This new look is a total and utter fucking fail. CAN I PLEASE SWITCH BACK TO THE OLD ONE WTF WHY ARE YOU FORCING ME TO HATE YOUR GAME????????? On a side note, PLease, PLease, PLease for the love of fucking allah,god, buddha, christ, CAN I SWITCH TO OLD FEMALE ANNOUNCER. THIS GP'S QUOTES ARE THE FUCKING STUPIDEST SHIT IVE EVER HEARD, I LITERALLY HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. (Dont get me wrong i love gp's voice, but the shit he says is just off the wall retarded..."Raiding the rift"...) WHAT! Omfg Riot please Edit: Ok so ive had time to subside my rage. Its.... ok. That is my biggest issue before anything. Why change something that was fine instead of just improving on the last model. This is half baked and they have admitted it. That is the issue. The tab menu is better the minimap isnt as clear around the edges of the unwalkable terrain and the clutter of information at the bottom right is too miniscule to be used effectively, and even feels like it is in the wrong location for what it is trying to convey. All the info on the botton right (except the cd timers on ult which i admit is great to know) is better off in the top where it use to be as a center focal point of the game itself. This includes cs, kda, team kda, game timer and baron/dragon timers. The items slot needs to be on the left as a side bar if you want to make it look cool. AND I HATE HATE HATE THAT B ICON. WTF IS THAT THERE FOR. WHY DO I HAVE TO TAB TO SEE MY TP TIMER AS A TOP LANER? Very inefficient use of space is basically my second gripe about this new hud redit: Oh almost forgot. Hieroglyphics for the c button stats. What are these symbols and why must i roll over to see that. Also it would be nice to have the stats that are getting boosted highlighted in case youre not sure what rune page you picked. For example old hud would leave unaffected stats after runes and items white while the one that were yellow. Just seeing if they'll at least fix this hud when I know they've already demonstrated they dont care to revert it (even though the last one was fine although artistically outdated.)
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