This game is 100% boring and no fun anymore

ARURF = boring game mode. They change it from people being able to pick there champs (when was only 3 bans per team) to make the game fair, when actually it has made the game more unfair and just boring to play. Anyone with common sense would no, now with the 10 ban champ now. If they when back to you being able to pick your champ is more fair and more fun but why would you want to make a game fun! I don't think Riot have a team that balance the game because all the time I have been playing this game not one season has this game been balances, so this has got me thinking that they don't have a balance team just people who come up with idea on what to make broken just so they can have a new op meta e.g. like the tank meta ect when actually, this is just boring and isnt fun to play or making me like or want to play this game anymore. If Riot but in 10% more time sorting the problems the coming up with stupid/ unfun game modes, it would make the game more balanced and more fun to play. Riot is a company after all (That once to make money) yet them just ignoring the problem is pro lowing how much money there making. As I refuse to give a single penny to this company until they get there prioritizes right! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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