Is having fun possible now in League of Legends ? I'm not sure...

Hello, i'm just sharing some toughts on LOL : The game has turned into a "no mistake" game mixed with RNG and a very bad matchmaking, very bad runes... If you do a single mistake in lane, you lose. Even when you don't do mistake, your team will do mistakes for you so you will lose even if you don't want. You get bursted very easily, with no counterplay... Jungling is a nightmare, top lane is a nightmare, mid is annoying and bot lane is a nightmare because of {{champion:555}} {{champion:350}} and mages supp like {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} because dmg is better than everything. Casual gameplay with fun should have been the keys to keep in this game but no, let's turn the game into a PRO players based game because only challengers and grandmaster play the game, the rest are just cash cows who are here to buy skins and chromas. Why you would give your best to win games ? The matchmaking is doing your job ! If you lose a lot, you will win because we will put diamond players in your team and monkeys in the enemy team. If you win a lot of games, don't try to win, it's useless. The matchmaking will put your team against stronger enemies to make you lose ! Games are decided before 10 maybe 5 min. You can almost be sure ! If you see your team feeding in early, it's lose, ff at 15 and next. Everything is so stressful, so aggresive. We don't want to play like Korean players, we would like to enjoy games but it's not possible because they are so fast, lame... When you play, you need to drink 3 tons of coffee and spam your buttons as fast as possible. You must act like r%%%%%s on the keyboards to play this game. Where is the fun ? You are stressed constantly because one mistake and the game is lose. For example, you play jungle : If you are in bad matchup, it's very hard... If you get counter jungled it's harder and if you don't get objectives you are basically send to the trash. We need more chilling, more relaxing. Why putting so much pressure ? I'm not saying you shouldn't get advantage if you play good but do you really need to win the game at champ select ? You only care about beautiful plays. Where is the fun ? It's beautiful to see a Irelia 1 vs 5, dashing in all senses so fast... But i think it's more beautiful to see people enjoying their game and chill. **All you do is for pro play ! You want the scene, the cash, the fame !** You can make a million of beautiful skins but you can't make a good balance... But tell me how you balance things if this matchmaking put good players with bad to make them lose ? How you balance champs on this matchmaking ? Why your balance is only about pro playing ? Oh he appears too much on the world, let's nerf him ! Great sense of balancing things... The truth is that you are money hungry. You make skins and you buff the champs who receive skins. Look at {{champion:99}}. She isn't annoying enough ? No, let's buff the shield ! They nerfed it, it's was a mistake because the sells went down, so let's buff her again. And this horrible thing called "TFT". You want to delete 3c3 when you already deleted Dominion who was fun, Nexus blizt who was okay and needed some changes but who was a good idea. To replace it with this ugly, monstrous, money grab thing called TFT !!! Only RNG, 99% luck, 1% skill. And the Hextech isn't helping. When all you have to do is to buy {{champion:119}} and put him 3 item to see him delete the entire enemy team or make the glacial team or {{champion:31}} {{champion:110}} with AP items to win, but where is the fun ? It's was fun for the 3 first games. After it's boring and too much RNG. We post feedback on the board and what you guys do ? Nothing. You add more RNG with Hextech instead of focusing on the problem. We keep saying "too much dmg" accross the board, and what you do ? Nothing. There is more buffs than nerf... When i see my death recap, there is a lot of true dmg. True dmg everywhere !! Look at the death recap and the amount of true dmg you take ! It's incredible and shocking. You buff 10 champs and you nerf 5 one per patch. In a few years, im sure the champs will be oneshooting someone with one spell from lvl 1 at this rate. But you don't care, as long you make money from E-sport and your skins. That why i stopped buying skins. It's disguting to see how you are turning a fun game into a cash maker. I don't mind the idea of making money because a game should be profitable and it's your game. But the quality of the game have decreased and the price only went up. Skins, chromas, little legends, Prestige editions... It's crazy how much work you put into your marketing but how lazy you are when it's come to balance your game. Let's hope you will change some things because i'm really asking if i should give up LOL. I like the universe, it's was my favorite game for like 9 years but now, i'm not feeling good anymore. But everything is like this. For example : Amusement Park. When they are small and unknown, they are funnier. You enjoy the attractions, you don't spend up 2 hours in the queues. But when it's bigger, you have to wait for everything, you can't enjoy like you did before, it's expensive... LOL is like an amusement park. Years ago, it's was fun because you was listening to your playerbase, you was not hungry for money, you was caring about fun. Now, it's has become a big amusement park and it's not fun anymore. You have more and more players and you focus more and more on the money. The quality is decreasing...

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