Something seriously needs done about the artificial elo wall known as promos

Why in an mmr based system does this wall exist? If you have mmr to move up you should move up when hitting 100, if u have lower mmr you should move down when hitting 0. So why do i have to win 2/3 rigged games at 100 to move up or else drop to 68 lp?! I mean wtf riot. Before promos i win a game, win another game destroying the enemy so hard they cant take a tower. Then i get to promos with a free win, team cant take a single tower and feeds like crazy clearly outmatched. Next game Garen feeds 2 kills afks and the adc is ragging how they just lost the last 3 rounds and got demoted. Again no tower taken..... I've seen enough of these promos to see that 9 times out of 10 they are far more in the enemy's favor than mine. And why if they are separate games from the 0-100 do they make you go back down to 68lp instead of 100 with a chance to win and retry them? At this point it is clearly obvious they only exist as a wall to slow down climbing in order to force people to play more games. That is poor game design and has nothing to do with an mmr based rank. So i ask again, Riot, what is the point of these clearly onesided promos in an MMR based ranked system other than a cheap artificially forced wall to slow progressing rank and extend required play time?

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