Season 7 is the season of stupid supports

So this season is probably the most I have ever seen off-meta supports, ever. I either lose because my team has a stupid off-meta, or the enemy team has an off-meta and my team doesn't know how to fight it. I play mid and top and I leave my winning lane to help and all the sudden I'm super negative, and all my LP is gone in a day. Example, I went {{champion:202}} Jhin adc is ranked and I had this wonderful support: {{champion:101}} . He fed 13 kills in 10 minutes. Then I play {{champion:91}} Talon mid. And the enemy support? {{champion:103}} . I was 5/0 in under 10 minutes and had half my build completed when I notice the enemy {{champion:96}} kog'maw is 10/0. This season is so stupid.
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