How TF does anybody enjoy playing ADC without a duo?

Been playing some adc. It's a shitshow. Game 1: Paired with a support player with 40% winrate. Lose. Game 2: Get paired with support main who's good. Win. Game 3: Paried with autofilled support, lose. Game 4: Paired with support main, stomp. Game 5: Non support main picks Rakan with no idea how to play him, goes 0/10/22 and pretty much ints the whole game by diving under enemy towers, not using ult, etc. Game 6: Support picks Klepto Kennen, proceeds to Minion Demat my cannon minions. Goes in a 2 v 1 versus Soraka/Jhin (both at level 5/6) while he is level 3. Ints and dies. HOW TF CAN ANYBODY PLAY THIS ROLE? It's such fucking garbage. You have no agency, you literally just wait to sit there and farm, and I swear to god I will lose my shit if I play with another autofill support. Honestly just make this a fucking solo lane already, what purpose does it being a duo lane serve for any environment other than competitive?
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