The many problems of Yuumi

Here are the many problems with Yuumi: Passive: Yuumi gains a shield when she auto attack an enemy champion. - The problem here is that every single ADC outrange Yuumi and her base movement speed doesn't allow her to auto attack with ease. Unless she is fighting melee champions, she will likely never get a shield in lane to shield her ally. Q Unattached: - Extremely slow skillshot - Low base damage - Horrible base ap ratio - Is still weak even if it travelled more than 1 sec - Huge mana cost for the amount of damage it does - Long cooldown Q Attached: - Same issue as the above W: I don't see any issue with her W to be fair, maybe increase by a little bit her adaptive to be more rewarding. Like Additional armor and Magic resist would be appreciated instead of only offensive. E Unattached: - Primary used to self sustain nothing special - Low AP ratio - Low Base healing - Huge mana cost - Long cooldown E attached: Same as the above minus self sustain R: - Useful when used alone, horrible when used on an ally - Low base damage - Low AP ratio Overall Yuumi kit is not bad, but the base and numbers on her are just so awful low that everyone think that her whole kit is horrible. If Yuumi is going to be this squishy why can't she do the same amount of damage that people are doing to her? People on the PBE forums players said she was weak, youtubers said she was weak, pros said she was weak, streamers said she was weak, even Reddit said she was weak. Why did you decide to let her go on Live? So she can get the title of the WORST champion on release in the entire history of League of Legends?
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