Vayne is the only champ like this.

100% of her dmg is UNDODGEABLE first off. as for second and main issue is that her only weakness is human error and her mediocre lane. so with WARLORDS her lane phase problems dissapear she can safely sustain forever while staying back and can deal with all ins thanks to warlord aswell which makes her not even below average in the lane phase. She is the single best champion in the late game nothing can compare to her litterally NOTHING 1000stacks nasus? even with flash ghost he will die before even pressing W on her. so why the FUCK is she allowed to be like she is right now? why isnt she fkn gutted. she has a rly low skillfloor extremenly low anyone saying otherwhise is an adc main tryna defend her. i can go and play Her right now and stomp with her even tho i only play Draven from adcs i dont understand everybody crying about her for months and not enough action is taken. just rework her or remove her stealth. her kit doesnt even need the fucking stealth in the 1st place. i dont know what else to say i seriously dont im fed up with this champion every fucking time there is either vayne players who simply suck and they lose because they as players are bad and there are the few who have an iq of above 50 and dont feed their asses off and murder everything that's fine huh? adcs beeing broken is fine but once an assasin reaches 50% win rate he gets gutted. smfh.

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