Lack of Health + MR Items

{{item:3065}} (if you have healing) {{item:3194}}(niche vs matchup) {{item:3001}} (limited to ap champs) Pretty much if you're an AD champion and you want MR+HP, you either get Visage or another full item that gives hp in addition to an item listed below MR Items that don't give health: {{item:3102}} limited to mages {{item:3091}} not slot efficient on most champs {{item:3174}} limited to mage-supports {{item:3512}}{{item:3060}} limited to tanks/split pushers {{item:3222}} limited to supports {{item:3050}} limited to tanks/supports {{item:3139}} Good item ++, extremely expensive {{item:3156}} Good item++, extremely expensive {{item:3190}} Good item ++ {{item:3193}} extremely op and new Seems like MR itemization overall is kinda weak, while I wanted to specifically mention MR/HP items since there's only 3 that are all niche
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