Save the Twisted Treeline!

So its been officially announced that at the end of Season 9, Riot will be removing the Twisted Treeline from League. Now, I know that many League players don't play the Twisted Treeline. And most people on the boards don't either. But Twisted Treeline has a VERY dedicated small playerbase, most of whom only play this game mode and nothing else, which is quickly apparent if you play the mode. I've always been a big fan of this mode, the aesthetics are something you can't find anywhere else in League, and the 3v3 experience makes for a more peaceful, while also fast paced mode. With enough attention brought to this, the boards can help save the Twisted Treeline. Many people may say, "why would I bother when i've never played or enjoyed this mode?" Well the Twisted Treeline used to be a much more loved and popular map before it was reworked back in 2012. Even if the current iteration of the Twisted Treeline is removed, we could convince Riot to bring back a 3v3 experience more akin to the original map, which many people cherished. Speaking for all the people who play the current Twisted Treeline, and the playerbase who was around for the original, please help us save this map, whether that means updating the current map to be up to date with the rest of the game, or bringing back something similar to the old map that was revamped in 2012. Thanks for your time reading this. I don't post on the boards often, even though I like to read the threads here everyday. But this really made me want to do something, and i'd love the support of all the League player base, whether you're a Twisted fan, or a fan of League in general <3 Edit: this thread details the numerous improvements that could be made to the mode to bring it up to date and make it much more enjoyable for everyone, please consider reading it:
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