League is disgusting to play now, even when all I'm trying to do is have fun I get stressed out...

Losing is such a mind-numbing process, especially when the enemy is practically nothing but the highest tier champs and you get stuck with "people" that don't even know how to press their buttons correctly let alone understand what a hopeless game looks like. And winning is just a chore because most of the time you end up stomping the enemy team so hard it's basically just a shooting gallery with 10 second reloads as you wait for your "combo" to refresh, or you end up with that one player on your team that has no idea what they're doing so things just drag on and on because it's always a 4v5 and none of your good players has an opportunity to catch someone out. It's so bad that I don't ever have a chance to enjoy myself because most of the time the enemy are either so fed that they just shrug off and ignore everything I can desperately spam out before they kill me in 2 hits or they're so far behind that we just spend the entirety of 20 minutes slowly whittling down their base because nobody wants to damage their precious KDA with a sacrifice to finally put an end to the fiesta.
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