Lets be real for the new-players sake

This post really shows how much of a hypocrite I really am, but honestly no matter how light hearted the ads are or how they bring back my fond memories, these still a massive issue. SMURFS back when I started playing league what i believe was back with illaoi's release, i hardly ran into smurfs, sure it happened. but it wasn't so bad. I have made a minimum of 20 accounts as of now. and honestly, the games are far harder than a majority of my ranked games, and the difficulty isn't because of having low level players, most low level players hit at minimum a bronze 3 rating by lvl 15, but what makes the games so disgusting is how many GOOD smurfs there are, i run into people both far better and far worse than me almost game by game and with some games being insane. And this is coming from someone whos at minimum gold level, someone whos level 6? level 10? this is just wrong, they can't even play and hell if I didn't engrave a "no leaving policy" into my head at lvl 20 i would leave at least half the games I play. This doesn't even account for the lack of accessibility, the change in the tutorial and the change to start with high blue essence, was fu*king amazing! But when i need to hit level 15 to make a full rune page, the level disadvantage is immense. these are some of my thoughts, but I personally believe that if you want more new players to stick you need to remove the summoner spell lock out, and the rune page lock out. and aside from this, if league is going to promote a less competitive side in these ads, please let us play custom RGM again, some of my fondest memories are having absolutely no competitive environment in a friendly game playing full 5 atk speed kog vs 5 man braum wall and just generally enjoying my time. For clarification, i've altered my play style on these accounts against the system, not much seems to change.

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