Senna Design Team be Like.....

Riot 1: Hey I got an idea for an ability! On cast you go into camo! Riot 2: Yea that sounds good! Riot 1: Wait I'm not done, While you are in camo you can attack and then after a delay go back into camo! Riot: 2 Cool! I like it! Riot 1: Wait I'm not done! While your in your camo allies can enter your radius and gain camo to! Riot 2. Awesome lets roll with that! Riot 1: WAIT I'M NOT DONE FOOL! Allies that have gained this camo CAN NOT be attacked until they either attack or get to close to an enemy! Riot 2: SUPER COOL! SHIP IT! Now we just gotta find more perfectly balance-able abilites for the rest of her kit! Riot 3: Like a Global Lux ult that shields allies and damages enemies? Riot 2: PERFECT! Riot 1: About time you did some work I felt like I was doing all the heavy lifting! Her E alone is completely unbalance-able......Lets be real a "support" ADC makes as much sense as a "support" assassin....... Pyke 2.0 here we go.... Good One Riot.... But its not April.
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