Morellonomicon is overloaded

400 mana 100 ability power 20% cdr 20% of MAX mana restored on kills and assists applies grievous wounds 2900 gold honestly as much as i like that i can take it on some of my mages that love to spam like karma and veigar, its incredibly overloaded. at this point its just about a must have on any ap mage, and now that thornmail applies grievous wounds as well, taking any healing based champions is a huge risk. my philosophy when it comes to items is that you should never feel completely safe with an item regardless of circumstances, but morello right now genuinely has no weaknesses. it increases your damage, increases your mana pool and mana regenerating power, lets you spam more, lets you snowball harder, reduces the ability of healing based champs to deal with your damage, and its not too expensive. every item should have a sacrifice, even if that sacrifice is just thats its expensive af and youre gonna spend forever trying to get it unless youre getting fed. take infinity edge for example. its a must have on a lot of adc's, but the drawback is that it provides no sustain and costs a lot so its risky to go for it early but if youre successful it pays off. morello doesnt have any drawbacks or sacrifices beyond the fact that if your team isnt getting any kills (or at least if youre not a part of any of them) the mana regeneration passive won't help you much, but EVEN THEN its worth the buy most of the time. ill add for the record that i dont consider myself to be any sort of expert, so dont take anything i say as gospel truth because its just from my own observations and listening to other peoples complaints and praises of the item. that being said, i think morellonomicon should be a low AP item, somewhere in the 60-80 range. make the focus the utility, that way you have to sacrifice the damage boost to get the extra utility power. im welcome to suggestions and criticism just please everyone be civil, im not here for a flame war and if you try to start one with me im going to ignore you. i just want to figure out how the problem this item has brought up in the meta can best be solved.
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