You can't disagree with Faker's thoughts on matchmaking

As you all know, or maybe not, Faker has said something that's so obvious to everyone in the league community to the point of having their minds blown by a fact that Riot Games can't acknowledge this issue and fix it. Matchmaking. Throughout the seasons, you certainly noticed the amount of time you spend in a queue is significantly lesser than it used to be. It is highly noticeable in soloQ higher elo games. Diamond+, that is. Back in around 2015, as Faker said, the queue times were long, approximately i personally have waited for around 7+ minutes to get a game which isn't that long if you are used to it. After that 7 minutes of waiting, if i was Diamond 2, i would get D3-D1 players in my game and that was the best matchmaking League had back in the day. Nowadays, in order to lower to queue time wait, they extended the division boundaries so if i was a Diamond 2 player, i would get queued up with Diamond 4 or even Diamond 5 players which is in high elo an obvious loss. In lower elo, such as gold, silver, maybe bronze, i dont quite remember, that isn't a HUGE deal since there can always be situations you can do on your lane and snowball from there. In higher elo, if their botlane is diamond 2 and your botlane is diamond 5, you are doomed. No matter what you do, your game is lost. Unless your jungler is extremely good so u, as a midlaner and your toplane snowball to the heavens and hard carry the game which happens in 0.02% of the games. That being said, the only thing left to do is wonder why are Riot Games not acknowledging and working on this pretty big issue the game currently has ( besides the balancing team ) which also makes the game insanely frustrating for someone who's trying to climb up the ladder and gain some decent elo. For the final example, you may have noticed if you are checking up on the usual League streamers such as NB3, IWD, Qtpie and others that they aren't doing the "Challenger in one week" type of series anymore as they used to.

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