I have a problem with Nexus blitz but I am pretty sure this would be an easy fix.

Its actually pretty simple. I have one problem with nexus blitz. Why in a game mode about having fun would you put Rift herald and a way to push to win quickly? I feel this could be maybe you placed it there to have a chance to push to win the game if behind. But more often than not its the team ahead that grabs it. Places it and ends the game as soon as they can. I also feel like this could just be players wanting that victory so they just push and win as soon as possible. But I feel like this game mode is more made for the fun and testing of league. That is why I feel you should just replace the rift herald with dragons. This would allow for more of the fun of Summoners rift to also seep in. The fight for dragons would add to junglers not just standing in lanes after they fast clear the jungle (also take away wolves + raptors super clear possibly?). It would aslo add a few champs that I feel don't get really represented well in this game ie {{champion:72}} {{champion:102}}{{champion:82}} (to a degree just feel his ult isn't fully represented). Honestly this is all just a thought maybe im wrong but I feel like this would all around bring up the fun of this mode. {{sticker:vlad-salute}} thx for reading <)
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