"Aatrox is OP, better rework Ryze"

A meme for a reason. According to Riot's method of tracking "OP" champions, Aatrox is the only one that is currently a glaring outlier with Naut. barely over the line of being OP as well, but it is close for him. However, instead of nerfing Aatrox, they plan to reword (yet again) and gut Ryze to the point that he will be unplayable. Well played Riot, well played. The "balance" team has a very unique way of determining what actions they should take. Watching MSI and various pro games after, Ryze is a problem in professional play and a joke in solo queue for most players. Sylas is a terror in professional play and a monster in solo queue as well. Aatrox is used in both with great success in solo queue and some success in professional play. Akali and Irelia are always strong in professional play and with even a moderate amount of skill can do well in solo queue. And then we have the ultra-cheese of Pyke.... Push three buttons, wave clear, roam, push three buttons, get the gold equal to a double kill for a free roam from a champion that cannot be poked out, has disengage, ridiculous wave clear, an AoE execute, and a nearly limitless amount of overloaded abilities. Also, previously, Riot was dead-set on keeping Pyke a support but seems to have conveniently forgot this... Keeping all of this in mind, Ryze is the problem more than any of these other champions that cause more problems in more games. Someone should fire this "balance" team and should have done so years ago.
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