Twisted Botline

Since they removed Dominion, all of the bots moved away from that and have moved to Twisted Treeline...which wouldn't be a problem except with the smaller map, it's practically impossible to win 2v3, or worse off 1v3. And before anyone says that I am just unlucky, I've played about a dozen games in the past two weeks, and I haven't had a game where there wasn't at least one bot on a team. And it's so easy to spot and report: they are lvl 30 with no masteries or runes in the slightest; they feed their butts off because they don't know when to fight and when to try and get their third creep at minute 12; and they pick the most random Sums, Heal Exh on Siv, Ghost Cleanse on Morg, the list goes on...I'm not saying that Riot isn't trying to get rid of Bots as I have successfully gotten several bots banned...but It's rather frustrating to either play through the game and feel like I am wasting my time or to dodge and have to wait for the timer to go down knowing that it reflects poorly on me... Edit: Just had my first game in a long time with 6 human players, our Annie and Shyv popped off and we won :) Edit2: I'm about to release my Redux for this post with a wonderful game that I had with just bots...

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