Could we maybe get a Kindred fix?

I might come across as some crybaby scrub who doesn't know how to play the game (Which half is true), but I just want to say, we need a kindred fix. Currently in summoners rift, playing Kindred viably is while not impossible, very, very hard especially in the current meta. Sure, they can be a good part of the team if played right but the same can be said for any champ and Kindred as of right now has a lot of problems that makes them weak compared to most other champs which mostly comes to their passive. Their passive has issues with it that keeps it from making it a good passive. For one, the passive has an 8-second delay when marking a champion. Most people would try to argue that this makes sure that Kindred doesn't continuously gain stacks every second like say Nasus's stacks, but they could easily be done by adding a cooldown which it does have so that 8-second delay is not only useless, but it's hurts them when it comes ganking since the target will be notified when they're being targeted and if you kill your target before the delay comes, you won't get the stack. So you either have to wait til your target has been marked where if you're going up against a smart person, they'll just flee or play more passively knowing that Kindred is coming after them or gank anyways and hope you kill them slow enough to get your stack which if your target is low, its hard to do. There is another way to get some of their stacks and that's through jungle creeps...on the enemy jungle side. Creeps on your jungle side will never get marked, the closest thing is scuttle crabs and this wouldn't be much of a problem if everyone including your mother could see where your next hunt starts. Since enemy junglers can see your targets they could just go, kill it, and go back to what they were doing and if you try to 1v1 the enemy jungler early, you'll soon realize that Kindred does piss poor damage. Their damage, compared to other junglers, are on the weak side and doesn't have the defense nor cc to back that up especially in early game and depending on the enemy, you might as well give up on the mark and go back to farming for gold and levels. and your first few stacks are always on scuttle crabs and if you were to make it pass up to 3 stacks, you'll have to start wondering through the enemy jungle side and depending on how the game goes, that may or may not be possible. And in laning, this passive isn't all that special, it does make kills in lane more rewarding but you'll won't get many stacks since kindred was made to be a jungler and most of your stacks are found in the jungle and you can't mark the same target for a certain amount of time. So why are these stacks so important? Because alot of their kit is reliant on them. Without em, you only gain a small bit of attack speed from your Q, your W does little to no damage without them, and they gain attack range from them as well. They need these cause this gives them the damage and range they need to be strong cause as mentioned earlier, kindred pops like a balooon. Their ult while effective in team fights, doesn't really do much outside of team fights. Sure, it keeps you alive and heal you after it ends but it does the same thing to EVERYONE, including enemie champs. A smart person would just stay in the circle and stun, slow, root you as soon as the ult ends and if they have the damage, they could fuck you harder and faster than those who would do the same to the lamb. Hell, the enemy champ's team can easily just come and follow up before you get the chance to kill him/her. So in short, their passive is hard to utilize, does little without them, and gets destroyed real fast. I really want Kindred to be buffed or changed in any way, cause compared to other current junglers, They're weak as hell and it makes me sad seeing someone say in chat that Kindred is useless or garbage right now because I love Kindred. They're the one who really got me learning how to actually play Jungle, was one of my first of many mains, and they interest me character and..."visual" wise. But, it seems no one has talked about Kindred for a long while now. I know I've said some things in here that alot of people will call me out on or say I'm wrong with certain points which I'm fine with cause I'm not that smart. I just hope we could discuss the problems or not problems of this champ in a civilized manner and make them alot more viable and less than a "the garbage champ no one plays".
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