Experiment: Community Patch Notes

#As a reminder: ONE change. Champion, item or rune. Numerical changes or skill changes, NO 100% REVERTS. The most upvoted/most impactful will be chosen if there are multiple posts. Treat this as a normal patch. #Please remember to upvote/downvote changes as well! There are a lot I'm going to have to sift through. (I recommend using chronological view.) Hey everyone. With all the balance suggestions/ideas being flung around all the time, I wanted to try something cool. Namely: What would patch notes look like designed by Gameplay? However, there are some rules so that these notes are community-inspired/designed and not just broad changes: * 1.) You can only affect one champion/item/rune. No "-10% damage on everything in the game". **Also means you can only change ONE thing guys**. * 2.) If two players have overlapping changes, I'll choose the more impactful of the changes or the higher voted changes. * 3.) This will be based on the current game of 8.13 * 4.) Numerical or current skill changes. **No reverting Sion. ** The goal of this should be to give an example of what the community would consider good patch notes. In addition, feel free to upvote or downvote suggestions. You don't need to provide reasoning if you don't want to but the idea should be to change the game in a positive way for all players, not just a hate-nerf because that Wukong was 20/1/11 at ten minutes. I'll check back in a week or so to compile the results and see what happened, provided there are enough comments. EDIT: Considering the amount of people contributing, I'm going to add one more caveat that **If a post is -3 or more, it won't be included**. Again, not a good or bad post but if a majority disagree that this would be better for the game, we'll count it as a veto. EDIT 2: Oh god this is getting pretty big. As a heads up, remember that you can only change one item/champion/rune (inclding small runes!) so try to avoid 3-4 champions per post. EDIT 3: Changed -5 to -3 now. So many posts. Send help.
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