I think the entire problem players have with runes can be summed up in Electrocute.

Okay. I'm a nontraditional player. I play {{champion:143}} {{champion:25}} on Electrocute. I even Jungle them. To great effect. But when you play {{champion:143}} with Electrocute.... you really ..... visually get to see what Electrocute does damage wise vs other damage runes, moreso than the AD champs that take it, because her Electrocute procs amidst her plants attacks, which are small chunks. I literally see my opponent's HP drop by 25% from an electrocute. That's pretty scary. It's not even really tied to how I'm scaling or how i'm getting fed. It's tied to the ratios and base damage on it. And when you're a pro with Electrocute, you time your combat engages with its cooldowns, and maximize what it can do. I'm pulling about 3200-3400 damage out of Electrocute in the course of a game right now on {{champion:143}} in about 23 minute average games. That's comparable to what you get out of a Comet... except all the damage generally guarantees kills rather than being wasted on harassment. This is pretty much why every high elo champ seems to be running electrocute. Its chunk damage is why players are raging about damage creep, because it's not expected to have a Rune do more damage than skills. Don't get me wrong. I love taking it because I know reliable damage beats persistent damage any day of the week. But it should make people wonder when a {{champion:143}} can 100% counter a {{champion:5}} who has Conquerer and erase him in 1-2 seconds..... because Electrocute pops 25% of his HP. Just some thoughts. P.S. Have you bothered to compare how {{champion:555}} feels on Electrocute vs on Aftershock? I completely understand why people pick Domination on him, even though Resolve is a better tree to augment his weaknesses. His kit can't really kill without Electrocute's damage, unless he plays cat and mouse and does a couple engages instead of one.
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