Riot, brushing off the boards complaints is not a good idea.

The majority of current “complaints” are not the same ole “boards complain bout anything” complaints. this is different. Back in previous seasons, “complaining” was someone raging about something that was OP, raging about the flavor of the month. However, since s8, the majority of the boards have complained about the STATE OF THE GAME. Sure maybe in the past there was a complaint here or there about game state, but for the most part, that’s not what people complained about. So Rito brushing these complaints off as “usual boards complaints” is a bad idea, because the majority of complaints are voicing their opinion on major game state issues, such as damage creep and snowballing. This is not people just raging about the flavor of the month. People are not having fun. This has been going on for the entirety of season 8. The game has changed too much for the worse, and with no signs of getting better, and people are getting pissed off. Brushing it off as the “same ole boards complaints” is very foolish.

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